About the system

The natural geological environment of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) in Poland with numerous deposits of mineral resources is under strong mining influence for over two centuries. The mining activity caused a permanent transformation of the structure and properties of the near surface geological strata, leaving various voids within them. These voids create a hazard of the earth's surface deformation at the regions  where the shallow mining has been carried out at depths lower than 100m. The most frequent form of deformation observed is the sinkhole. Nevertheless also other forms are been observed. The potential instability of the surface causes a safety hazard for people and buildings. The information about post mining deformation hazard is important for investors and developers of post mining lands and urban planners as well.

Since 2015, in the Laboratory of Engineering Geophysics of the Central Mining Institute works have been carried out to document the shallow mining of coal and metal ores in the USCB in digitized form. Results are plotted on modern surface maps to make this information available in public space in the form of an internet portal. The website operates on the server of the Central Mining Institute under the name "Upper Silesian Information System About Surface Hazards at Areas of Abandoned Mines". This task is carried out through a query of archival mine materials, including maps of coal and metal ore exploitation in the USCB. The acquired mining materials are digitized and calibrated in the 1992 polish coordinate system (code EPSG - 2180). Selected regions are digitized in the form of polygons (gallery, exploitation panels) or points (shafts and outlets of inclined galleries) and after transformation to the WGS84 geographical coordinate system (code EPSG - 4326)  presented on website.

The data presented on the website create the possibility of multilayer assessment of post-mining area for engineering purposes. They allow for a preliminary assessment of investment risk and to determine the required scope of geological and geotechnical testing of rock strata  for engineering purposes.

We encourage you to read all the information and publications about post-mining hazards in the USCB presented on our website. If you observed sinkhole occurrence in your vicinity or you have any questions about USCB's post-mining area, please contact us.